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Chuck Guzis wrote:

> I'm assuming that Al is using a recent court opinion concerning DMCA
> and historic preservation of material related to firms and computers
> that no longer exist or are no longer manufactured.

Before they vanished, DEC had many old manuals on the price file.
If you ordered some of them then you might get back a note to
say that they could no longer provide it, but if the manual was
available then you'd get it (albeit probably a photocopy). So
if HP and IBM etc. offer the same service, then Al wouldn't be
covered (even if he is a museum or library).

> But if Al is violating some law by putting this stuff up on
> bitsavers, then I agree that he should remove it before someone sues
> him.

No, he should wait until he gets a take-down notice (or perhaps
actively seek permission). BAMA got hit recently by HP demanding
that all the HP & Agilent manuals be removed, didn't they? All
go sorted amicably out in the end I assume as it now says:

"The manuals listed below are Reproduced with Permission,
Courtesy of Agilent Technologies, Inc."

> It's really a shame to watch the web evolve and see material
> disappear.  Even archive.org doesn't keep everything around.

archive.org don't say that they'll retroactively delete stuff
on request, just that they'll stop making it available to you
and me. I _presume_ it's all still there somewhere and may well
be available in the future. OTOH if you set up a robots.txt to
keep them out, then they'll stay out and your stuff won't get
indexed. Nothing to stop you writing a crawler that ignores
robots.txt (assuming you have enough bandwidth and diskspace
to keep up with the web).


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