Nine track tape BOT sensing foil

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at
Fri Mar 2 08:33:58 CST 2007

--- Gordon JC Pearce <gordon at> wrote:

> jim wrote:
> >> trying to repair eight track tapes (BTW, tinfoil
> and
> >> double sided tape _doesn't_ work on eight
> tracks).
> >>
> > do you mean 9 tracks?
> No - 8-Track cartridges ;-)
> Were they ever used for data recording?

As far as I know, eight tracks weren't used for data,
although you could hook an 8 track recorder up to your
TRS-80 Color Computer if you wanted to, I assume.

But, yes, I was referring to repairing eight track
tape cartridges with that comment. I had tried
repairing a tape with double sided adhesive tape and
tinfoil. It changed tracks, and then promptly got
stuck as the (too stiff) foil splice hit the pinch


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