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Sat Mar 3 10:44:19 CST 2007

--- Mr Ian Primus <ian_primus at> wrote:

> Well, if it truly does have 8 inch floppy drives,
> it's
> probably one of the TRS-80 "business oriented"
> machines - Model 2, 12, 16, etc. Possibly even a NEC
> APC. But, if this guy is like some of the people I
> have encountered, it's a 286 clone with a 5 1/4
> drive
> - "it uses those HUGE old floppies!"

 No, this particular yutz knows the difference between
5 1/4's and "10's". He told me so. Yeah, I guess an
APC is  probably the next most common unit. I should
have asked him what that thar was (probably wouldn't
have remembered). He ought to be e-mailing me any hour
 For fun, how's about we create a list of units that
had 8" drives. Off the top of my head:

TRS-80/Tandy 2,12,16,6000
IBM System/23 Datamaster
Canon AS-100 (basically external,but all it's drives
were seemingly)
Xerox 16/8 (external)

...and I'm tired already. Of course even the much more
modern IBM AS/400 had them as an option.
IBM Displaywriter

 If in your area, there are the means to advertise for
nothing or close to it, I'd take advantage of it.
There's isn't tons of this stuff out there, but there
is some available. I've had at least a couple of nice
hits thus far. Craigslist, give away buy-n-sell type
rags, etc.

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