Meiko Computing Surface software.

Andrew Back andy at
Tue Mar 6 09:11:19 CST 2007


I have two Meiko Computing Surface nodes I'm hoping to soon finally get 
round to restoring. Removal of dust, cobwebs and rust is one thing, but I 
sadly don't have any software for them, e.g. 'MeikOS', CS Tools, link 
adapter drivers etc.

One is a 1st generation CS with boards filled with transputers, a 
host/monitor board, RAM card and gfx card. Also have a PC ISA link adapter 
and a connecting cable made from something akin to miniature flat twinax 
(well the links did run at 10Mb/s).

The 2nd node is a later CS/i860 (aka Concerto), which again has 
transputers but also as the name suggests i860 CPUs, and a module which is 
a Sparc 1+ front end processor. Sadly the HDD had died and so I couldn't 
recover the SunOS 4 install along with the kernel bits for the link 
adapters and any other platform software. Pretty sure the NVRAM has had it 
too but that is the least of my worries...

If anyone could help locating any Meiko software else just point me in 
the right direction it would be very much appreciated.



Andrew Back
a at

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