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Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Tue Mar 6 15:44:03 CST 2007

Al Kossow wrote:
>  > Personally I find I sometimes get lost in the archive (via the web 
> interface)
>  > though as a filename often doesn't obviously correspond to a document 
> title.
> The file naming has evolved over the 7+ years. In general, anything new 
> is being
> added with <manual part number> <title> <date>
> This started on a system with 32 character file names, so <title> was 
> ruthlessly
> truncated, and as you noticed, <title> wasn't always the document title.

It's not so much of an inconvenience on a good connection - but it probably 
doesn't help with bandwidth at the server if people are having to download 
files just to see what they are :(

> The worst problem with the current arrangement is file renaming and 
> rearrangement of the heirarchy.

I suppose that's one area where a database could potentially help, as the 
database could be the definitive source as far as mirrors are concerned when 
it comes to mirroring content.

> In general though, it seems to serve it's purpose, so I'm not inclined 
> to spend a lot of time adding database functionality to it.

Sure, I saw it more as one of those projects (like additions to the classiccmp 
website) that people with the time and skills could maybe take on, rather than 
it being something that you'd have to do yourself. I bet we've got a few 
dba's, PHP gurus etc. etc. lurking on the list...

> I've been working on a MUCH harder problem on how to organize the CHM 
> digital holdings, of which the bitsavers archive is a fairly tiny part.

heh heh, not an easy task at all - presumably made all the more difficult if 
you've already got a significant amount of data in digital form which needs to 
be migrated to a new system. One of those situations where it'd be nice to 
just know what the "right" solution was up-front I suppose and then just stick 
with it...

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