Multiplexing Nixies

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Tue Mar 6 22:49:36 CST 2007

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>dwight elvey wrote:
> >It is not a good idea to multiplex Nixies. They don't always strike
> >exactly when the voltage is applied. This means you can't go too
> >fast.
>Mux'ed NIXIE calculators tend to have cycle times around the 400 to 1600 Hz
>range, or, given 12-16 digits, an ON time in the order of 40 to 200 uS with 
>duty cycle of 6 to 8%.
>One calc I have has a cycle over 3KHz and ON time down around 16 uS.
>Some characterisation of some nixie types, note the DRIVE column:

Looking at the other note on multiplexing Nixies, I was right and wrong.
Nixies with higher pressure were designed to be strobed or multiplexed.
Some were no designed for this. Those that were designed for it
could be up to 20 or 5% duty cycle.
The higher rates did have issues if done in the dark or behind too much
light blocking bezzles.
It is good to learn more.

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