Some mainstream media attention for our hobby

Evan Koblentz evan at
Wed Mar 7 16:17:41 CST 2007

Hey listmates ... some good news ... Computerworld magazine invited me to
blog for them about our hobby.

I'm really excited about this because Computerworld's site reaches hundreds
of thousands of people!  This means awesome exposure for our hobby to a
prime audience of potential new collectors.  (Way back in April 2004, as
many of you will recall, I announced the "Computer Collector Newsletter" ...
that started with 350-ish subscribers and reached 1,000 before I burned out
two full years later.  But that's kiddie play compared to the likes of

There isn't much posted yet -- just a short bio and a short "hello world"
post.  There still won't be much until post-VCF East this summer.  Anyway, I
just wanted to share the good news.  The classiccmp list will be atop the
blog's links page.

Feel free to suggest blog topics, etc.

- Evan

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