14" drives

Mr Ian Primus ian_primus at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 18:25:38 CST 2007

--- Marvin Johnston <marvin at rain.org> wrote:

> Someone I know *had* some 14" drives but the only
> thing I saw left were two 14"
> platters and an aluminum casing. It sounded like the
> complete unit was about 24"
> or so square and maybe 18" high. Rack mount? I don't
> know.
> First, does this *really* vague description describe
> anything useful? Second,
> there was half an aluminum casing left; is this
> worthwhile saving?
> He is going to see if there are any more drives
> left, but I am kind of curious
> if it is worth the effort.

I'd say that it would definitely be worth saving. I've
got a 14" platter drive that I use on one of my
machines, a Century Data Systems 300mb drive. It's a
19" rack mount drive, about 24" deep and a foot tall.
Definitely a nice piece of hardware and definintely
something useful - It's one of the very few functional
SMD interface hard drives I have. A lot of old iron
needs these old drives, and I have had a real hard
time finding them. They are always worth saving, even
if nonfunctional.


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