Gemini, Shugart and Xebec

jd onymouse at
Thu Mar 8 19:24:02 CST 2007

Richard Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've just dug out my old Gemini 80-BUS computer to remind myself what
> I was doing back then.....
> It has a Shugart SA604 hard drive with a Xebec S1410 controller and a
> Gemini GM829 FDC/ SASI controller well as two TEC FB-504
> floppy drives. I have the original test certificate for the Shugart,
> dated 5-16-84 signed off by the operator Barb!
> I have a file with all the old user manuals, and a catalogue from the
> mid-1980s with a price list from May 1986!
> Question is, do I put this lot back into the cupboard, do I sell it or
> do I junk it?

Maybe keep it?

Those old huge Winchesters that everyone dumped in the early to mid 90's
were sold surplus for less than $100 each and now there are people
willing to pay $5000+ for one.

Sometime  those old ST506-types will appreciate in value, too. Especally
if they still work.

BTW, remember when w Type 1 VW beetle could be had for $500 running?
They seem to be going up in value, too.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, it is against the law to open a soda bottle without
the supervision of a licensed engineer.

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