Vintage terminals (was Re: PDP-11 available in New Zealand)

Ashley Carder wacarder at
Fri Mar 9 09:35:29 CST 2007

>> > Where can you get real VT52s nowadays?  I haven't
>> seen one on Ebay for at
>> > least three years.
>I have never seen one on eBay - and I have looked
>often. Found a lot of other things that are named VT52

I have several VT52s, alive and semi-alive.  I have
been clearing out some space in my shop and would be
willing to part with one of the semi-alive ones for 
a small fee.

If anyone is interested, contact me off-list at 
wacarder at  If you're not into component-level
debugging, I can dig up the name of a place in the
northeastern U.S. that would repair them for $125
a couple of years ago.

Ashley Carder

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