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>And thusly were the wise words spake by David Griffith
> >
> >
> > Somehow I got subscribed to an optics catalog.  This got me to thinking.
> > How hard would it be to cause a laser beam to sweep with the speed and
> > accuracy to be a substitute for a CRT?  The upshot?  Take an old terminal
> > with nasty screen burn.  Cut off the gun end of the bottle, clean off the
> > old phosphor.  Apply new phosphor of some kind, then mount the laser
> > rasteriser where the old gun was.  Projecting raster images on the side of
> > a building would be fun too.
> >
>I would rather do vector graphics.. :)  I have seen plans on the where
>you use the voice coils from two old hard drives with mirrors stuck to
>them to bounce the laser onto a wall..

It was somewhere about 1980 that I built the basic high-power car-audio 
speaker laser deflector. Mine used plastic ball-socket pivots and aluminum 
stock as levers, to pivot a speaker horizontally. The laser goes from that 
mirror to another one driven vertically by a second speaker.

I have a Real Laser (plasma tube NeHe) to drive it. Still works.

Haven't we all built something like that at one time or another?

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