VMS for MicroVAX II/III (was Re: Value of a PDP/8?)

Zane H. Healy healyzh at aracnet.com
Sun Mar 11 14:03:08 CDT 2007

At 9:12 AM -0800 3/11/07, Glen Slick wrote:
>I'm glad you mentioned CD-ROMs on Q-Bus SCSI controllers.  I didn't
>occur to me previously to try that.  I just gave it a try and got it
>to work.
>I have a Dilog SQ706A Q-Bus MSCP SCSI controller.  I cabled it to a
>Plextor PX-6XCS SCSI CD-ROM.  I used E11 to boot the RL02 XXDP disk
>image and created a bootable RD51 XXDP disk image.  Then I used CDBURN
>on Windows 2000 to burn the RD51 disk image to a CD-R as though the
>disk image were an .ISO image.  Then stuck the CD-R into the PX-6XCS
>and booted it up as DU0 on the SQ706A in the 11/73 into XXDP.  I
>flipped the 512-byte block switch on the PX-6XCS before trying this
>thinking that was probably necessary.  I just flipped it back and
>tried again and verified that it doesn't work without the 512-byte
>block switch being set.

Cool! is this the Caddy 6x drive?  I collect the Plextor caddy drives 
whenever I can find them.  I think I'm up to 3 6x drives, and 1 8x 
(which is the drive in my PDP-11).  Now you also know how to get more 
interesting OS's on your PDP-11 :^)  Though I've yet to figure out 
how to get RSTS/E to come up from a write protected CD, my memory is 
feeling fuzzy this morning, but I don't think anyone else has either.

For the limited number of CD's you'll find for a PDP-11 caddy drives 
work great.  Basically there are the two DECUS CD's from Tim Shoppa, 
and what you make yourself.

>So now I assume that if my MicroVAX-II/III box is working OK and if I
>obtain a VAX VMS installation CD I should be able to use the SQ706A in
>the MicroVAX box to boot and install from the VMS CD.  I'll have to
>give that a try.

That is correct.  Do you have the Hobbyist Licenses yet?  You'll 
probably want to start working on that first.


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