Report on vintage "Programmer Electronnic Control" alias "RAF Tornado Computer"

Erik Baigar erik at
Mon Mar 12 03:08:36 CDT 2007

Hi Roger,

thank you very much for your effords! I checked the old thread 
on rec.aviation.military. On March 2005 Alan Dicey posted in a response
to my question that the box might have been controlling displays 
called TV-Tab in the rear cockpit of the tornado. But Alan thought 
that the box is not a complete computer...

Maybe I should forward him my report  ;-)

> I showed the pictures to someone who worked on Tornado at Marconi
Hey, that is great - thank you for trying to get input 
on this small baby!
> Avionics. He said the box is definitely not part of either the CSAS  
> (Command Stability Augmentation System) nor AFDS (AutoPilot & Flight  
> Director System). He thought it was physically much too big for the  
> HUD (Head Up Display).
If the box would have been used in a ciritcal system I think 
it would never have shown up on eBay. I can not imagine that 
cirtical stuff is released to the public...

   Thanks Again,


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