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Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Mon Mar 12 10:03:55 CDT 2007

Rob wrote:
>> [1] Maplin, the company, are still going, but their range of components
>> is a joke. They now mostly sell electornic toys, Lo-Fi, etc.
> Tell me about it... I cleaned out two stores this weekend to get
> enough 33uF 25V electrolytics for a repair I was doing... hardly
> exotic, I thought, but the total quantity between two stores?  Five!

but but but... go to their website. Their logo states "Maplin, the electronics 
specialist" :-)

I totally agree with you - if the stores exist to sell the same gimmicky junk 
that can be had cheaper elsewhere, then I'm not sure why they have the stores 
at all and can't put the huge rental / staffing costs to better use.

H. Gee's in Cambridge is a real blessing in comparison - wide range of 
components and still staffed by people who know what they're talking about 
(and are helpful enough to direct you elsewhere if they know of somewhere 
locally that's cheaper or has exactly what you need - always the sign of a 
good shop!)

Hmm, which makes me wonder if we shouldn't have a section on the classiccmp 
website for recommended places to get spares/components from?



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