PDP-11/40 videos

Ashley Carder wacarder at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 12 16:01:04 CDT 2007

>> MPEG is good. I don't think anyone will have objections to that.
>MPEG seconded.

I have loaded MPEG-4 videos to my site.  I have also added a "Videos"
link on the left-hand nav.

The sound of the 11/40 fans running is pretty loud on the videos,
but you can hear the hardcopy terminals as they are printing.

You can see short videos (with sound) of the following:

* 11/40 front panel lights blinking while running RSTS/E
* SYSTAT on VT05
* SYSTAT on LA120
* SYSTAT on LA36
* SYSTAT on VT52

I will do some better quality stuff later.  These were done yesterday 
in a hurry while I had my digital camera in my hand.  If anyone has
anything they would like to see, I will try to handle your requests.


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