Xebec Winchester controller

jd onymouse at garlic.com
Mon Mar 12 10:45:48 CDT 2007

jd wrote:
> Al Kossow wrote:
>> What I have are the docs for the MSC-9305 ST506-GPIB interface
>> which used the Xebec module. At one point it looked like the
>> commands were compatible.
> That board is fairly close to what i have. My board is bigger and uses 
> dual row headers for the drive connections. it has no edge connectors at 
> all.

The board was used in the HP 9133 and 9135 disk units, for the HP9000 and HP250 
systems, it seems.

HP's number for this OEM board--by MSC/Xebec is 88134-69910, 09135-69515, and/or 
09135-69501. I have no idea which number belongs to mine.

The boards have the big black brick on them with the part or model number of 
"9056", used before the switch to the WD disk controller IC.

A MSC disk unit was sold on Ebay recently, which contained a board that is at 
least physically identical.

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