PDP-11/40 videos

Ashley Carder wacarder at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 12 20:52:29 CDT 2007

>I'm confused. I wasn't asking you to change the format. Only the file name - 
>which certainly wouldn't have changed the file size! I am totally inept and 
>blissfully unaware of anything graphics related. However, I was under the 
>impression that if the file was named .mpg (or .mpeg) that it could be mp2, 
>mp3, mp4, whatever, and the decoder would figure it out based on stuff 
>internal to the file.
>I thought most folks I talked to named all their mpeg files .mpg or .mpeg, 
>that way they work in any player (that supports the format). Naming them 
>.mp4 is fine for keeping straight to yourself what format the file is, but 
>they aren't normally distributed that way I didn't think.
>Again, I know NOTHING about graphics stuff like this. The above is my nieve 
>assumptions so I could be completely offbase :)
>So I would have thought you would just rename the .mp4 files to .mpeg or 
>.mpg. Don't keep the .mp4 named ones around.
>But someone would have to confirm the above is correct :)

I tried just plain old renaming, and the media player did not like it.  
After that, I used a video converter program to convert from mp4 to mpg.  
They apparently are different formats.  I am not an expert on this either, 
but I have done a miniscule amount of dabbling.


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