Reconstructing Fastback Plus Backups from floppies

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Mon Mar 12 22:12:16 CDT 2007

Hi everybody,

I haven't posted for a long while but I have a nasty little problem to submit to you.  
I recently got a bunch of diskettes that I believe contain Fastback Plus archives as they are called (for example) 881123_B.005 which I believe to be the fifth disk of a backup on drive B taken Nov 23, 1988.  I poked around in the files and the last disk has directories of the original drive backed up and there is a \FASTBACK subdirectory with the FB.exe of Feb 4, 1988 so I think it is version 2.xx  
I do have a Fastback Plus version 2.11 and for the life of me I can't find a way of reconstructing the catalog for those disks.  It keeps looking for a .FUL file for the catalog.  Unlike MSBACKUP of DOS 6.22 vintage (and probably before) there doesn't seem to be a re-construct catalog option.  Damn, it seems pretty silly that the .FUL file isn't with the diskettes or no way to get the catalog back.  Of course the files are mostly compressed but there is enough ASCII to see some of the directories and text.
Can anybody give me some sage advice as there seems to be no info that I can get through a pretty exhaustive Google search so far.


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