ftp archives disappearing?

Paul Williams paul at frixxon.co.uk
Tue Mar 13 18:12:17 CDT 2007

J. David Bryan wrote:
> On 13 Mar 2007 at 0:43, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
>> Dave, just use a mirror, for example:
>> computer-refuge.org:/bitsavers
> Pat, I do use FTP on computer-refuge, as I'm sure you know from my prior 
> communications to you when your server quits talking.  :-)  However, two 
> points of concern:
>  1. You are the only FTP mirror

Not any more. You can now use bitsavers.vt100.net as well.

>  2. There's an inevitable mirroring delay between the time that Al says,
>     "It's up on bitsavers" and it becomes available on a mirror.

That delay is under 24 hours.


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