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    Brent Hilpert <hilpert at cs.ubc.ca>  writes:

> I picked a derelict/beat-up CT-64 out of the surplus/discard pile about 10
> years ago. Cleaned up and rewired it's in excellent condition.

Dude.  10 years ago I don't know if this "hobby" was on anyone's
radar.  Did ebay even exist 10 years ago?  At any rate, 10 years seems
like such a long time for this hobby that I don't know how you could
compare 10 years ago to now.

> I know you're interested in anything terminal, Richard, but I have to say fro
> a strictly functional perspective you're not missing anything.

Yeah, I know, but people are clearly not bidding on this for the
functionality.  Its the brand.

This can be a double eded sword.  For instance, my Beehive terminal is
branded Cromemco and that's the *only* thing that kept it out of the
hands of the scrappers.  Cromemco is a brand near and dear to people's
memories and Beehive is a "WTF is that?" brand (or worse, "what a
POS!" brand) to most people.
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