trying to think of a terminal brand

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Wed Mar 14 22:30:38 CDT 2007

The ADDS auction made me try to remember the serial terminals (connected via
Xylogics Annexes) that I used at UC San Diego. There were two: big boxy green
ones sitting under H&SS lecture hall, and then the orange screen ones in AP&M
2337. The green screen ones were good solid VT-100 emulation, with double
height and width support, but not a whole lot else. They were all-in-one
white units with black keys and a very boxy form factor. The orange screen
ones could do Tektronix 4014 emulation and had a small configuration menu
you could get at with the function keys. I seem to remember the model number
having four digits in it, and they were grey with detached keyboards.

Anyone have any idea what model terminals these were?

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