OT: Sun CPU card. Anything useful?

jim jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Fri Mar 16 03:27:04 CDT 2007

Teo Zenios wrote:

>A friend of mine had a SUN PC card (K6 based I think). From what I
>researched they seemed buggy, if the software controlling the card crashed
>so did the whole SUN system.
I have one of the Chimera cards here, 128mb 733mhz Intel Celeron.

I believe they open up a shared window on the pci bus to mirror their
memory and some controls for the Intel cpu.  It would not be surprising
if they system crashed if you crashed the sun board.

When sun announced open solaris, I was hoping that they would
release the drivers for all these arcane cards.  I have not tried to
pull down a sparc open solaris, nor do I even know if they made it
possible to build the sparc platform with the open source.

However it would be interesting to be able to put up several of
these cards in an Ultra 10 all running open solaris (if it is possible
on the 256 mb you could put in) or linux.

This is way off topic, but these will be interesting "vintage" cards
to have just because Sun has now released Solaris so it should
be possible to archive what it takes to have a fun toy for the
future when it is vintage.  It certainly would be an unusual
system to have maybe 4 of these running in a box, co hosted
by a sparc.

These are plentiful now but will probably dry up soon, so
picking the best ones and acquiring them would be a good
idea.  Hopefully those who have posted in this thread could
post or email off list if this is too off topic to continue and
suggest a workable setup.


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