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Fri Mar 16 07:19:29 CDT 2007

>From: Richard <legalize at>
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>    ard at (Tony Duell)  writes:
>> It uses an odd ribbon that is probably unobtanium now
> What's so odd about the ribbon?

The ribbons aren't impossible to obtain but not everyone carries them. 
Usual quantity is at least a box of five.

I think I already posted this (check the archives), but I'll recap 
briefly for those interested:

Last year I bought a nice 43 in a transit case. Print was very light. 
So I ordered a box of five ribbons ($40+ with shipping) and promptly 
discovered that they had been made incorrectly (ribbon loop too long, 
so the ribbon was too slack and would not move across the re-ink roller 
during carriage return). After taking one apart, having a dialogue with 
the design engineer at Dataprint(?) and sending them for his 
inspection, he agreed that they were incorrectly made and sent me a new 
box with the proper length loop. They worked, but were so dried out 
from age/storage that the print wasn't any darker!! I even tried 
drilling a small hole above the inkpad roller and squirting in some X-
stamper (handheld stamp) ink, but that didn't help much.

So I've about given up on my 43, unless someone can tell me where to 
get a ribbon that actually works!


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