Metaphor Computer Systems

Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Fri Mar 16 12:36:14 CDT 2007

While working as a computer tech around 89-90 I was asked to install 2-3 
of the damnedest things I'd ever seen.    They were called Metaphors, 
and what was so cool about them was the front panel flipped down under 
the screen and out slide a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and a 
keypad.      They were GUI based, though for some reason I remember them 
being green on black or perhaps white on black monochrome screens.

I set them up and someone else came in to connect them to a Metaphor 
server - apparently they needed their own proprietary server.

So needless to say, while putting some stuff away in my office, I had 
some of my old notebooks from way back when and while fingering through 
the pages I notice - Amex - Metaphor install and remembered these funky 
little units - very slim and high tech for their time I have to say.

Anybody own an actual unit and have some photo's?


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