teletype model 43 value

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Mar 16 18:06:44 CDT 2007

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>     ard at (Tony Duell)  writes:
> > It uses an odd ribbon that is probably unobtanium now
> What's so odd about the ribbon?

The ribbon cartridge is fitted on the right-hand side plate of the printer
chassis, it's held down by a magnet on the chassis that attracts a plate
on the cartrdige. There's a loop of ribbon that runs from the cartidge
round rollers on the chassis and on the carriage (and of course the
ribbron runs across the front of the printhead itself). Some of those
rollers have 1-way clutches in them -- when the carriaye is moving
left-right (printing direction), the ribbon is held fixed relative to the
chassis by the roollers on the chassis being locked by their clutches, but
the ones of hte carriage freewheeling. But when the carriage moves
right-left, the ribbon is held fixed relative ot the carriage, this time
the rollers on the chassis freewheel and the ones o nthe carriage are
locked, so the ribbon gets wound on a bit. That is the only ribbon feed
mechanism in the machine. 


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