1.2M HD / 300kbps / single-density

Dave Dunfield dave06a at dunfield.com
Mon Mar 19 05:35:17 CDT 2007

> Dave, that's very strange.  I just went and tried it on one of my 
> "regular" systems, a box with an Intel TC430HX mobo in it.  The 
> controller on this board is a National PC87306B (serial/parallel, 
> clock, floppy, IrDA and keyboard) that does just fine with FM.  I 
> repeated on another "regular" box with an Intel PD440FX board (uses 
> the NS PD87307) with the same results.

Hi Chuck,

Thanks for the response. So you have not seen this before (single-
density working at 250kbps but not 300kbps)?

The board in question is an Aopen AP5T which has an SMC FDC37C669

I just tried the same drive on another system with an NS PC87306
controller, and it does work pefectly at 300kbps.

The question is - how common is this? - I'll have to dig out some
of my other systems that do SD and test them. Problem is - most of
them only support one physical FDC so they only have a 3.5 installed.


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