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Dan ragooman at
Mon Mar 19 07:38:17 CDT 2007

Chuck Guzis wrote:
> When do we reach the point where added computational power 
> contributes nothing toward the ability to perform the desired 
> function (for home users; commercial users may be a different kettle 
> of fish) given the speed of the network interconnections and the work 
> to be performed using them.  
what ?1?, what the hell kind of statement is this ??? what about the 
past 30/40/50 yrs ? __Where do you draw the line then .-- would you 
actually continue using something like 80286 machine in this day in age 
? [not including windows]
> I don't think a petaflop system on my 
> desktop would substantially enhance my computing "experience".
This is a ridiculous. Do you think people only play MP3s or videos on 
their machine ? You forget there a numerous hobbies out there--amateur 
radio/astronomy,etc,etc-- besides the home automation industry that let 
_home users_ make good use of the new technology.

Fast cars and fast computers, is like comparing apples to oranges.  
Somebody's 'desk' wouldn't have any limitation to what speed that is 
capable by a computing machine.

I seem to recall a very "prophetic" statement which someone continually 
denies, by changing it's history(thanks to Wikipedia)--even though it's 
fully documented by others (click here and listen to mp3, @ 22:00 min) I 
suggest mirroring this webpage.
/ He also alludes to the fact that he thought that in 1981, 640k would 
be good enough for everyone!" /* *


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