ASR33 selector magnet driver card

Billy Pettit Billy.Pettit at
Mon Mar 19 15:24:37 CDT 2007

Mr Ian Primus wrote:
What is a suitable replacement for CR2? It's hard to
read seeming as though it is missing a chunk. CR1
looks to be the same - but I read it as a 1N4smudge3,
which is rather hard to cross reference. I found the
schematic in the manual, but not a parts list. I'll
keep looking, but I figured I would ask the experts
Unless this was some kind of coincidence, I think I
need to double check my 20ma power supply.
Billy:  I think it is an 1N4003.  I remember losing this diode sometimes
when debugging new interfaces.  I always changed it with a 1N4004.  The
resistor often burned the PCB beneath it; looks like crap.  So I would
replace it with a higher wattage wire wound resistor and suspend it away
from the PCB by .5 cm or so.


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