ftp archives disappearing?

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Mon Mar 19 19:34:39 CDT 2007

Cameron Kaiser wrote:
> Let's assume that you're right (you're not, but let's assume that). What
> gives you the right to tell me that I *can't* or *shouldn't* offer files
> because I'm not prepared to go the same insane length you are? So people
> should just not host anything at all?

No, but people should not act surprised when someone wants to mirror the 

>> Downloading files from the archive is not abuse!!  Repeatedly connecting 
>> and locking other people out -- that's abuse.  That is not the same 
>> thing.  It is entirely possible to mirror a site without bringing it to 
>> its knees.  Not all leechers are abusive.
> Then answer my question about the people hosting their files on commercial
> providers that don't allow or offer QoS limiting. Are they not paying
> enough for your taste?

It has nothing to do with what they are paying.  I am paying too.  It is 
a matter of expectations.  I choose to put my archive in a location that 
1. I can afford monetarily, and 2. I can control.  I do this because I 
*want* people to actually *download* my files.  What a concept.

The only place you can put files without QoS (or crazy amounts of 
bandwidth to cover every single person mirroring) are places which cost 
less than $6 a month.  So there is no cost involved at all (monthly cost 
is fixed).

> "Thank you for buying me this free beer, but you are a jerk because you get
> mad when I want the whole fricking keg."

Yes, you used that analogy last time and I still don't understand it.  A 
keg of beer is not a historical archive.  Archives are meant to be 
accessed.  Are you saying that the library gets mad when someone checks 
out every single book at once?  Oh, right, you can't do that, because 
AT ONCE.  Which cost them NOTHING.  People *are* allowed -- and even 
encouraged -- to systematically goes through the shelves and check out 3 
books at a time.  And that is what my archives have always done.  People 
can still mirror, bandwidth is reasonable, my cost is fixed per month, 
and everyone is happy.

We are hosting *technology* archives.  Use the damn technology.

> You are the epitome of irresponsibility.

And you are a curmudgeon.  If you don't want people actually downloading 
files, don't offer them.  Get off of *your* high horse.
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