ftp archives disappearing?

Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Tue Mar 20 09:13:46 CDT 2007

Against my better judgment, I'll reply to this, since it is a point not
heretofore addressed. Dave McGuire wrote,

>    If someone is contemplating setting up a server to disseminate  
> information publicly but is going to be cheap about it, just don't  
> bother.  Give the data to someone who knows how to make it available  
> in a reasonable way.  Unless, of course, the goal *is* really for  
> that person to see himself doing it.

This argument doesn't scale, particularly in our very narrow field of
interest. How would you get the (to use an example on my mind) simtel.nets
or the download.coms of the world to be interested in Don Maslin's boot
disk archive? How would you *find* someone with that kind of interest *and*
the needed (per your claim) disk space and network investment?

The kneejerk answer to b) is, natch, this list. And look at how *few* on this
list would actually measure up to your criteria for the network alone, let
alone interest level. So, by your argument, someone like that would therefore
have no recourse but to let their collection rot because they shouldn't make
it available at all. It also makes the corollary that those who spend money
on some sort of hosting are therefore not spending enough, something
proponents of this view have not adequately addressed and have no right to
assert. This is the kind of thing that makes mega-archives, and mega-archives
collapse under their own weight.

What this really boils down to is elitism, that people aren't allowed to
contribute in *any* way to the community if their method of contribution
isn't (per the arbitrary criteria of you, Jim and others of like mind) 100%.
Baloney. This isn't a "bad neighbour" situation like open proxies, badly
configured mailhosts or Trojanned boxes where such machines cause damage
and *should* be excluded: this is someone offering their files for the
uptake of the community. If people used your yardstick to determine if they
could make such offerings, then there would be tremendously fewer avenues of
of such contribution.

I'll return to my regularly scheduled lurk.

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