single transistor projects?

Brad Parker brad at
Tue Mar 20 19:27:53 CDT 2007

[possibly off topic, but what isn't these days? :-)]

When I was a kid I had a book, I think it was called something like
"single transistor projects".  As I recall it was full of lots of
simple circuits featuring a single transistor.

(or who knows, maybe it was 101 transistor project; I think I was
in 4th grade at the time - late '60s)

anyway, one was a single transistor FM radio.  I just remember it had a
single FET, a coil, a cap, some discreets.  I think it told how to
wind the coil "in the air".

Does anyone remember such a book?

I figure if anyone one would, it would be someone here...

seems like a fun thing to build now days with my son.


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