single transistor projects?

Dave McGuire mcguire at
Tue Mar 20 21:32:14 CDT 2007

On Mar 20, 2007, at 11:21 PM, woodelf wrote:
>> Does anyone remember such a book?
>> I figure if anyone one would, it would be someone here...
>> seems like a fun thing to build now days with my son.
>> -brad
> Well if you like tubes go here.
> They tend to be more impressive looking than a transistor.
> A google search could find you a schematic quicker
> than you can find a book or magazine since I don't think
> anything is newer than between 1975-1985 for transistor
> projects. Anything later they refuse to publish
> designs you can build from just the information they give
> you.

   I had a set of "Transistor Projects" volumes 1 through (I think)  
6, from Radio Shack, when I was growing up.  They were written by  
Forrest Mims, who was my idol before I started reading Steve  
Ciarcia's column in BYTE. :)

   Anyway, those beloved books were lost at some point, but over the  
last year or so I've been able to acquire copies of them (and others  
from the same series) via eBay for a few dollars apiece.  I've had  
great fun flipping through them, giggling to myself thinking "hey, I  
built that when I was eight years old!"

   These books are very simplistic, but the projects do provide good  
hands-on experience and are fun.  They are cheap, and they turn up on  
eBay with some frequency.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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