snail-mailing classiccmp stuff

Doc Shipley doc at
Wed Mar 21 09:46:35 CDT 2007

Jules Richardson wrote:
> Jay West wrote:
>> I'm guessing "a DVD rom" of bitsavers runs around 15 or so DVD's right 
>> now.
> Can you easily handle other formats - DLT, hard disk etc.? (with a "mail 
> me the media first + pay postage" clause :-)
> That might be far less hassle on both sides in certain situations.

   I think this is a grand idea.

   On the US side, I could easily manage from TK50 to DLT-IV, 8mm to 
Mammoth I, 4mm DDS1 to DDS3; SCSI, IDE, and SATA disk, external USB or 
IEEE1394 media, CD-ROM, DVD and DVD-DL.

   I don't have the bandwidth to host an archive, but this is one way I 
can (and would love to) contribute.


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