BA23 setup and DZQ11 configuration

David Betz dbetz at
Wed Mar 21 11:02:04 CDT 2007

>>> You might want to keep your eye out for a 3rd
>>> party disk controller with the bootstrap built in.
>> That's a good point.  I have more than one Emulex QD21, a Dilog  
>> DQ696,
>> and a Sigma RDQ11, which are all Q-bus ESDI controllers and they all
>> have firmware with boot and built-in formatting support.  They were
>> much cheaper on eBay than Q-bus SCSI controllers, although SCSI  
>> drives
>> are basically free and you'll pay something for an ESDI drive, but  
>> not
>> as much as for a large working MFM drive.
> I have a Emulex QU32 SMD controller but no drives to go with it. I  
> also have a Maxtor EXT 4380 ESDI drive but no controller for it. I  
> don't suppose anyone would like to trade me boot card for either or  
> both of these?
> Either that or a trade of a KDJ11-BB or maybe -BF for my KDJ11-AA  
> and some other stuff? I have a bunch of MicroVAX I and II parts and  
> a BA23 chassis. Also a number of KDF11 CPU boards.

Okay, I just opened up another box (a MVII in a BA123) and found that  
it contains a SCD-RQD11-EC controller. I believe this is an ESDI  
controller with onboard boot ROM. This ought to work but since it  
came out of a MicroVAX, I'm assuming that the boot ROM will only work  
on a VAX. Is that correct? Or is there both PDP-11 and VAX code in  
the ROM? Also, I can't find a manual for this board. Manx doesnt have  
it and Bitsavers has a manual for the RQD11-ECPlus but that doesn't  
seem to match the board layout of my board so I can't use it to  
determine the switch settings. Anyone have documentation on this board?

Also, what do I have to watch out for when using stuff that  
originally came from a MicroVAX to build a PDP-11 system? The BA23  
chassis that I'm using started out life as a MicroVAX-I and many of  
the boards came from VAXen.

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