Board ID?

Dennis Boone drb at
Wed Mar 21 14:01:40 CDT 2007

 > I have a qbus board that I'd like to identify. I think it's some
 > sort of SCSI adapter but I don't know if it will support disks or
 > if it is "tape only". The board is labeled "TD Systems (c) 1987 ASSY
 > 210-00031". In another place on the board it says "211 00031 REV E".
 > It has a ROM on it labeled "Viking Q/B A4.1". Is this a Viking SCSI
 > adapter? Can anyone point me to a manual for it? I've already checked
 > Bitsavers and Manx and haven't found it.
 > Also, if it is a SCSI hard disk capable adapter, does it have an
 > onboard boot that will work with a PDP-11?

Sounds like it is indeed a SCSI controller.


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