BA23 setup and DZQ11 configuration

Paul Anderson useddec at
Wed Mar 21 15:29:40 CDT 2007

Will the BDV11 (M8012) work with the KDJ11-AA?  I'm pretty sure the -BF will
boot, as well as the various MXV-11's (which would solve the console port
problem).  Any flavor of DLV11 should work as a console.

Selection usually depends on individual needs and backplane space.

If you need any of these, feel free to contact me off list.

Paul Anderson

On 3/21/07, David Betz <dbetz at> wrote:
> >>>> Either that or a trade of a KDJ11-BB or maybe -BF
> >>>> for my KDJ11-AA and some other stuff?
> >>>
> >>> Can't you just burn a boot ROM and put it on the CPU
> >>> board? I was under the impression you could. If so, I
> >>> have an EPROM burner and can burn an EPROM if you
> >>> want.
> >>
> >> Dave has nowhere to stuff a ROM.  The KDJ11-A board is dual-height
> >> and is a CPU only, no peripherals (yes, in the mini-computer world,
> >> boot ROMs aren't always integral - if you have a front panel, you
> >> don't "need" ROMs, even if they are handy for fast startup).
> >
> > True, but it's unlikely that any system with a KDJ11-A in it didn't
> > have
> > some sort of boot ROM; there wasn't any front-panel that I know of for
> > those machines.  The -A version was typically used in OEM gear which
> > had a boot-rom (or just a rom with the system's runtime code in it) on
> > some other board.
> The problem is, I got the KDJ11-A board by itself and not in a
> system. I do have some MXV11-A modules but I guess they can't boot an
> RD53 or ESDI drive. I think I can use one for a console port though.
> I guess I'll have to do that because my CPU card doesn't have one of
> those either. I believe I need to disable the onboard RAM though
> because the RAM on the MXV11-A isn't Q22 compatible.

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