Bitsavers subscription

Jay West jwest at
Wed Mar 21 16:06:27 CDT 2007

Jules wrote....
> In the interests of saving the planet by not wasting resources, why not 
> let the subscribers choose when they want their next update? Just give 'em 
> 10/12/whatever "free updates" and leave it up to them when they want them. 
> After they're all used up, they need to renew their subscription.
Great idea. That way, they don't pay for updates they don't receive (if the 
particular tree they are tracking doesn't change much). They could even set 
parameters like, only send me a cd if there are more than 20 files updated, 
or until 6 months passes with some updates at least - whichever comes first.

> Do many people ask for full copies? Given that the mirrors exist, I'm 
> surprised people feel the need to have everything; I doubt any person has 
> every single system for which there's a bitsavers manual :-)
I don't have stats at hand, but yes... people do ask for full copies 
occasionally. And definitely there's people that occasionally download the 
entire site or at least major sections of it.

> p.s. is there any benefit in having a separate mailing list for 
> "operational" ideas - not just to do with the classiccmp site, but things 
> like the discussion over Dave's software repository? I'm sure there are 
> many subscribers here who only have an interest in the physical vintage 
> hardware / software / docs, not all the "service" type discussion that 
> often goes on. Just a thought, anyway.
I've been wanting to have a separate list for classiccmp policy discussion. 
That may keep some of the more heated discussions off the main list. If 
people buy into my idea for the global software/classicdata repository I'd 
be happy to set up another list for discussion of that record format, 
techniques, design discussion, etc. That all being said, it's also no big 
deal if someone wants the classiccmp server to host a small list for some 
other purpose.

Fairly soon we'll need to have a discussion about the classiccmp server 
hardware, it's definitely time for an upgrade. Disk at the very least. I 
hate going through the server hardware discussion on the list, but it's 
probably not something that needs another separate list? I dunno. Open to 


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