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Eric Scharff eds_2 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 22 15:11:34 CDT 2007

Every so often, a discussion of Tiny BASIC appears around here.  I was curious about one of the very first versions of Tiny BASIC, the 8080 implementation done by Whipple and Arnold, as documented in the Vol. 1 No. 1 (Jan 1976) issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal (of Tiny BASIC Calisthenics and Orthodontia)

This issue contains an octal listing of a Tiny BASIC interpreter for the 8080, and I couldn't find this version available for download anywhere.  So... I typed it in, and it works!

I documented my work, which is available at

(Note - this location is temporary - I need a home for this if anyone is interested)

Included are the text file for the octal listing, a binary which can be loaded into memory, an attempt to extract the IL from the binary, and some instructions on bringing up Tiny BASIC.  I was able to run some simple programs with a Z80 simulator that I've been running, and it appears to work correctly.

I found the PDF of the listing in the ACM digital library:
Typing in octal listings is error-prone enough, and typing them in from bad PDF scans of bad photocopies is even trickier.  I have corrected many errors, but I'm sure there are more.  If any kind soul would be willing to proofread / correct the listing, it would be **GREATLY** appreciated.

I hope this is of interest to people.  I'm very interested in other versions of Tiny BASIC out there, if someone has ever typed this listing before, etc.  I'm  familiar with Tom Pittman's work, but other resources would be greatly appreciated.


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