Speed of text editors on 808x platform

Jim Leonard trixter at oldskool.org
Tue Mar 27 03:33:19 CDT 2007

George Currie wrote:
> Well, I'm surprised you haven't just rolled your own ;)  Simple editors 
> are not very difficult to write, I'm sure you can find various 
> libraries/routines to do most of the grunt work for you and you could be 
> the first person in 15 years to roll a new DOS text editor :)

Writing a basic editor is easy -- speed and a functional undo, 
unfortunately, are not, and take some planning.  DOS memory is segmented 
so you can't just insert characters and move memory down/up one byte at 
a time (and speed would be an issue with large files anyway).  Nor can 
you go super-crazy with your data structure, because you'll sacrifice 
speed.  Every year I sit down ready to write my own editor, and I 
usually give up after 3 minutes of trying to figure out the best 
compromise between my time, speed, and a functional undo.  (Hence the 
research and article I posted.)

> On a more serious note, have you checked out the Borland Editor 
> Toolbox?  IIRC it let you roll an editor similar in features to their 

Yep; full example editor is 170KB and has no undo, but maybe I missed a 
source directive somewhere in building the example project.  I'll take 
another look at it.
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