Speed of text editors on 808x platform

Tom Watson sdc695 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 27 12:23:03 CDT 2007

All this talk of editors on PCs got me to thinking of my favorite:
It was a clone of the EDT used under RSX-11(-M).  Pretty faithful as well.  It
had problems with the keypad, being that the '+' took up two key spaces (as
opposed to the standard VT-100 keypad), but overall it was nice.  It even
worked on old XT's and scrolled pretty fast.  If you happened to do large
Cut/Pastes it took some time as it swapped out the buffers to temp disk files.

I still use the editor to this day after first using it in the 80's.  The old
keypad layout is pretty ingrained in my mind.

EDT (on RSX-11) was my first screen editor, so I guess you get used to your
'first'.  Unfortunately, vi seems everywhere, and as everyone knows knowledge
of vi is almost mandatory for any person using Unix (Linux) (even today). 
Thankfully I haven't succumbed to emacs (and hopefully never will, even as the
spell checker wants to capitalize the first letter!).

Tom Watson
tsw at johana.com

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