HP 2116 on ebay

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Sat Mar 31 22:26:24 CDT 2007

Brent wrote...
>> Going by the card list presented by the seller and what can be discerned 
>> from
>> the picture of the card cage, the unit is missing the core memory boards.
>> Other memory module boards for what should be 16-24 KWords are present 
>> but the
>> actual core boards appear to have been pulled.

I didn't look that close. Brent is of course right, memory seems to be 

Something else caught my eye upon re-visiting that ad. Either that machine 
never ran HP2000 TSB, or someone has pulled a lot more cards than just the 
memory. I'm quite certain that a system with those cards could not run TSB 
as is.

My guess is either someone pulled lots of I/O cards, or, the seller did a 
quick google search on 2116 and found some mention of TSB so he assumed it 
was a TSB box. Not necessarily at all.


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