OT: eBay/Paypal security

Chris Halarewich halarewich at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 03:41:15 CDT 2007

Of corse people in Canada can't buy it :(

On 11/2/07, Jim Leonard <trixter at oldskool.org> wrote:
> Doc Shipley wrote:
> >   Paypal is offering a SecureID fob, the "Paypal Security Key", for
> > authentication to your Paypal account.  I haven't seen it mentioned on
> > the Paypal descriptions, but the coworker who showed me his tells me
> > that it works with eBay too.  Worth mention, I suppose, is that it's *in
> > addition to* your email/password login info, not instead of.
> >
> >   Also, it's $5 USD shipped.  :)
> Yep, it's a rebadged RSA SecureID token.  While it won't prevent
> cross-site scripting holes (the most common way a fraudster gets into
> your ebay account to post in your name), it will most likely make it
> impossible to take fraud to the final stop (ie. actually posting and/or
> actually screwing around with your money).  I highly recommend it.
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