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Tue Nov 6 16:12:39 CST 2007

Ensor wrote:
> Hi,
>  >> I believe you're thinking of the episode "Face of Evil",
>  >>which introduced Leela as the Doctor's companion.
>  > No it was the one with the giant flies and the 3rd Dr.
> Evil computer, giant flies, 3rd Doctor....I've seen just about every 
> episode of Dr.Who but that doesn't ring any bells. Doctor #4 encountered 
> the wasp-like "Wirrn" in "The Ark in Space", but evil computer...?
> Have a look here: 
> I'm sure you'll find your story.

Yes -- Green Death.
Boss's Voice :
"You disappoint me, Doctor. I should have thought you'd have guessed.
  I am the BOSS. I'm all around you. Exactly. I am the computer."

The Doctor :
"Stevens, listen to me. You've seen where this efficiency of yours leads.
  Wholesale pollution of the countryside. Devilish creatures spawned by the
  filthy by-products of your technology.
Men... men walking around like brainless vegetables. Death. Disease. Destruction."

>  TTFN - Pete.
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