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Larry G DeVries larrydev at
Mon Nov 5 17:52:46 CST 2007

I saw this from Bill Whitson dated 1997 on the web,
I saw your list of classic computers. Now over 10 years old but - Great!!
I am looking for more info on this computer  >>
 Control Data Corp.------------------------------------------------
  Model 110              6809          64K      ??       MICRO   83 

I would appreciate anything - more specs or a photo(s)?  
I do have the  CDC announcement of the product  in the NYTimes and it was
September 14, 1981. <>  
It was "priced at $4,995" with "business and educational applications cost
between $625 and $4000"
I am not sure when (or if)  the product actually was available for shipment.
Larry G. DeVries
Eden Prairie, Minn.

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