Video of Cray 1 and other artifacts...

Mike van Bokhoven mike at
Tue Nov 6 22:28:02 CST 2007
I've just watched a few episodes of this series - jammed with interesting 
classic computer gear. Worth a watch for that alone. The whole series hasn't 
aged any better than the equipment though! Still, if anyone's keen, it's 
easy enough to track down.
On the other hand, Automan, while also featuring interesting period and 
earlier machines, is probably not worth the time/effort.


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> Hi,
>  > There was also a TV series called The Whiz Kids that I can't
>  >recall too much about back from the 80's that featured a TRS-80,
>  >I think. :-)....
> I remember that! It was shown on TV over here, once....never got repeated 
> as I recall. :-(
>  Too
>> bad it's not available on DVD.
>> Don't forget Colossus - The Forbin Project, which was named after, but 
>> had nothing to do with, the Tunny cracking computer at Bletchley Park.

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