Indicator tubes for transistor logic machines.

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Nov 8 01:34:24 CST 2007

Sign.  Terminology changes over time, particularly in technology.  
When I was young, I learned about "condensers" and "aerials" from my 
father.  "Breadboarding" a circuit meant pretty much that--
constructing it on a plank of wood, preferably using #14 bare copper 
wire laid out in neat right angles.

By the time I was a teenager, my speech habits had been corrected to 
say "capacitor" and "antenna".

I like the distinction between "filament" and "heater".  The latter 
implies that something is being heated.  The former implies a 
standalone glowing wire.  "Indirectly heated" and "directly heated" 
may be a bit more accurate, but the terms are also cumbrous.

And whoever heard of "nanofarads" or "picofarads" anyway? ;)


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