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Sat Nov 10 05:44:44 CST 2007

On 10/11/2007 02:27, Jim Leonard wrote:

>> What was the first computer to have any type of video? I'm guessing 
>> that the Philips CDi, Panasonic/Goldstar 3DO  and Amiga CD32 were some 
>> of the first consoles to feature CD-based video.

> 25fps or faster is a tall order -- CDI might be the first console-thingy 
> to have it on a standardized basis, but a year earlier in 1991, I was 
> watching quarter-screen streaming 30fps video in the form of 

The earliest I can think of is Acorn's Replay software, which could do 
quarter-screen 25fps in 1988 or 1989 on an Acorn Archimedes machine.  A 
little before that, the same machines were playing short animated 
ray-traced scenes at 25fps, sometimes full-frame -- but that's not quite 
the same thing as video.

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