S100 Floppy Controller Question

Richard A. Cini rcini at optonline.net
Sun Nov 11 12:56:48 CST 2007

I actually just dumped the 2708 EPROM on the Morrow board and the code bears
absolutely NO resemblance to the code in the instruction manual. It doesn't
even appear to do much I/O. I wonder if it's suffering from bit rot?

Does anyone have a dump of their EPROM that they can send me for comparison

On 11/11/07 12:40 PM, "dwight elvey" <dkelvey at hotmail.com> wrote:

>> From: rcini at optonline.net> > Good. The Morrow controller then falls into the
>> same category in my mind as> the ComprPro Disk 1 with the added bonus of not
>> requiring mods to my IMSAI.> > Now the thousand-dollar question -- does
>> anyone have a suitable disk image I> could use?>
> Hi
>  Does the controller have ROM on it? Often the image
> on the disk has to match with the ROM. Sometimes
> the ROM only has a minimum boot code and the disk
> loads the rest of the disk code. Other times, the ROM
> has all the disk code and the disk is just the rest of
> CP/M that calls the ROM for disk access. Yet other
> are mixed with patches in the disk code.
>  The exception is for a controller that does DMA and
> self boots, like the Digital Systems drives( no ROM in
> the system ).
> Dwight
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