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Mon Nov 12 09:03:22 CST 2007

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> On 11 Nov 2007 at 21:44, dwight elvey wrote:
>> It has been some time since I played with CRC's. I once
>> had to write test to check CRC chips that used
>> the Chinese Remainder Theorem to make data correction.
>> I had to make sure that it corrected correctly by checking
>> each part of the error correction. That was many years
>> ago.
> I've still got the docs for the WD chip that would do both ECC and
> CRC. When I was securing data for computer forensics, I started with
> two interlocked CRCs using different polynomials. Eventually, the
> gummint expressed a preference for SHA hashes, so the CRC went the
> way of the dodo. SHA was a LOT slower than CRC or even MD5.

Hi Chuck

 What are SHA hashes? I've not heard that term before.
The CRC chips I was looking at were from AMD when I
worked for Systems Industries. Now I work for AMD
but the only thing they work on today are processors.


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