cctalk Digest, Vol 51, Issue 37

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Mon Nov 12 11:01:47 CST 2007

> There's another factor here - people like Will and Paul and Sellam
> (probably) don't cater to deep-pocket collectors as their primary
> customers.

I will go on record here - yes, I am a dealer, but vintage computer
stuff is only a small part of my sales. If I ran the numbers, I think
it would be somewhere around 5 or 6 percent. Of these, almost all are
to other collectors, most on this list, lurking or not. Some are big,
some are small - it does not matter, as long as I get the money. And
yes, some of the Big Boys are on this list. Some even participate.
Another GASP!

Every so often, I do sell to a business needing a part that I just
happen to have, but that really does not happen very often.

Will, big cheese of Federal Signal and Ironworks, Inc.

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